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Our experience with Millie and Carlos was superb because they were professional and understood our needs. They treated us like family and were there every step of the way. They adapted to our schedule and helped us to find our dream home. Millie and Carlos you are the best. We are forever thankful for your outstanding service.
~Mr. & Mrs. E. Amador

My dream was to retire to Florida.  I lived in Ohio.  I started searching for a home about 9 months before I met Millie and Carlos of Bold Real Estate Group.  I was becoming discouraged because I had viewed several homes with other realty companies.  I could not find anything I liked.  I was searching in the Port Saint Lucie area online and that is when I received a call from Millie Gil.  The first time I met Millie and Carlos I liked them immediately.  Right from the start they took time to get to know me and find out specifically what I was looking for.  Millie always returned my calls in a timely manner.  I felt like I had two friends helping me to find a home.  It didn't take long for them to figure out that I would be happy at Vitalia. I highly recommend Millie and Carlos Gil of Bold Real Estate Group.
~Ms. A. Hanna

My wife and I were thinking about getting a second home where we would eventually retire to. A friend had told us about the PGA golf courses in Port St Lucie and while looking at the club, I accidentally stumbled onto Carlos' and Millie's web site. We had a tee time and then Millie called and asked if we would be interested in looking at some properties. We made and appointment to meet the Gils at our hotel before going to play. What a pleasure to meet people who are really interested in helping you. We decided to meet the next morning. Millie and Carlos met us just after breakfast and spent the ENTIRE day showing us homes. They were so organized; we spent 7 hours looking at homes. We didn't find any that day but were so impressed with PGA Village that we made an appointment to come back the next weekend. We ended up purchasing the first house we saw on the next visit. If Millie and Carlos were not such wonderful people, truly interested in helping us find the perfect home, we would never have come back up to PSL. We have sent other friends to them, and they have purchased, too. Now, we not only count Carlos and Millie as great real estate agents, but have the privilege of calling them good friends, too.
~Mr. & Mrs. C. Barrington

We met Millie & Carlos on line when we still lived in CT. Bold Real Estate Group not only successfully secured a 6 month rental for us in our desired area, but also followed through and found us a terrific forever home! Their personal touch sets them apart from most other Realtors. We highly recommend getting to know Millie & Carlos, you will not only find the home that best suits you, you'll also make special friends.
~Mr. & Mrs. D. Martin

From the very first time we were introduced to Carlos and Millie we felt we were were in very good hands. They took all of our calls and answered all questions we had even though we living in a different state. We were in the beginning process to find where we wanted to retire. Their sincerity won us over immediately and confidence they could find a place that we would love. We couldn't be happier with every aspect of our experience with them. They are our realtors for sure, but also our friends. We can't begin to recommend them highly enough.
~ Mr. & Mrs. D. Ferrell

Carlos is so successful because he's a true man of his word. He tells you what he's going to do, executes on his plan and follows up- plain and simple. The team is very professional and very focused on what they do.
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Rodriguez

We contacted Carlos Gil of Bold Real Estate Group for information regarding an equestrian property in Florida. Living and being from Italy, this type of transaction can be very complex. However, Carlos and his team sent us an email with over thirteen selections of properties to preview on the internet and we were able to find the one that fit our needs. Bravo Carlos for your loyalty and dedication to us.
~ Mr. & Mrs. G. Romano

We are experiencing critical times in this economy and the real estate world is very different today from what it was a few years ago. This is the second time I use Millie & Carlos as my Realtors and I have never felt more confident. They are experienced and knowledgeable in this market's revolving environment which is necessary when looking for a home. Short Sales and Foreclosures are major factors and a great percentage of the overall MLS system, yet Millie and Carlos are always one step ahead of the game. Their diligence and effectiveness are imperative during this time. I don't know how individuals determine the qualities necessary when finding a Realtor to represent their needs and negotiate on their behalf and their family's interests in today's markets, but I have found my Realtor team in Millie and Carlos. They are honest, extremely hard working, and they stay on top of things without Millie constantly states "time is of the essence in this business". The title of their business is Bold Real Estate Group and when it comes to you and your family's interest, they are BOLD! It is hard to find someone you can trust in this market and I have. You will never forget them once you work with them. They have a long list of clients that agree with my comments. Millie and Carlos are not only my family's realty group but also our friends! I am not one that signs her name in recommendations, but I am more than proud and honored to sign off on this one. Carlos & Millie, President and Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group have truly demonstrated their excellence, let them prove it to you!
~ Mr. & Mrs. A. Nieto and Family

Carlos was outstanding and always to the point. He does an exceptional job with complete follow-up. His sincere service is a considerable attribute. Carlos professionalism and caring made even the more difficult moments remain in control and manageable. Carlos is not just our Broker...he is our friend. Usually 0r in most cases, after a sale is made you never see the Broker again, yet Carlos contacted us to find out if we were settled and if we needed any further assistance.
~ Mr. & Mrs. C. Anderson

Carlos and Millie you not only care about others, you reach out to help them, too. You make a difference and that's a great thing. Thank you for all that both of you have done to make our transition into our new home a smooth one. But most of all, thank you for your friendship.
~ Mr. & Mrs. G. Soulet

Carlos thank you so much for all your help with the purchase of our home in the US. With you everything seemed well organized making the transaction simple for all involved. Thanks to well experienced Broker like you we are now enjoying our new home.
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Beasley

Carlos was most personal and confidential in all his dealings with us. It was a complex transaction as we were first time home buyers relocating to Florida. His knowledge of the real estate market is reflected in the professional way in which he guided us through the process. We would highly recommend Carlos and his team of experts to all my friends and associates.
~ Mr. & Mrs. F. Rivera

We called Bold Real Estate Group from our home in Germany, requesting information about an oceanfront condo in Vero Beach. Carlos and his team within the hour had gathered all the details resulting in a closing two weeks later. Carlos and his team without a doubt are the best, and we are now recommending our friends to Bold Real Estate Group.
~ Mrs. & Mrs. G. Aldridge

Carlos I am writing to express my satisfaction of your work. Especially when we faced some major obstacles, you stepped in and solved all the problems to make the transaction close on time. I really appreciate your help! I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!
~ Mr. R. Silva

Carlos and Millie, just a short note to thank you for your partnership and friendship. As a lender, it is very important to me to be able to work with Professional Realtors who understand the market, the lending guidelines and the importance of customer service. I can honestly say that you are TRUE PROFESSIONALS and you care about our customers. That's why I'm always giving your names out and telling my customers what a joy you are both to work with.
~ Jorge Santana, Home Mortgage Consultant

My husband and I have plans to retire to Florida around December of 2010. I had been doing property searches in The Cascades Active Adult Community over the Internet. I found the Bold Real Estate Group on the internet and signed up for their listings. Millie kept me up to date on the property that was available in the Cascades as well as price changes. My husband and I went to Florida in December 2009 with the intention of looking at property. Millie and Carlos spoke to us to get more information on exactly what we were looking for and how much we were looking to spend. We arrived on a Friday night and the next day Millie and Carlos spent the weekend with us looking at property. They did not take us to properties that did not meet our guidelines of what we were interested in and were very patient and professional. We found a home we liked later on Saturday and made an offer. Millie and Carlos continued to go out with us on Sunday just in case the offer was not accepted. The time they spent with us on Sunday after we had already made our offer was beyond what they needed to do. On Monday, our offer was accepted and we closed Friday. My husband and I had the intention of leaving the house empty until we could move in but Carlo’s said we would have no problems renting the property for only one year. We left all the details in Carlo’s and Millie’s capable hands as we flew back to New Jersey. Within a short time we got tenants in our new home. It was an added bonus to have our property expenses being more then paid for by qualified renters. When we are ready to sell our home or buy another home in Florida Bold Real Estate Group with Millie and Carlos will be our first choice.
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Embry

Millie & Carlos Gil are true professionals. Our transition experience from VA to FL was overwhelming. Millie and Carlos were always available in assisting us in finding our new home. Their expertise in this field is outstanding and their patience is commendable. Thank you Millie & Carlos.
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Okin

We responded to an advertisement in a specific development. After the showing and conversations about our life style, goals and objectives, likes and dislikes, Millie directed us to several other communities that matched our desires. Millie and Carlos were readily available to meet with us and spend what ever time was necessary for us to not only inspect possible houses but gain a rather through oversight about the community in general. When we selected a home, Millie and Carlos walked us through each step and was always supporting us through the price negotiations, contract signings, home inspection, final walk through as well as closings. During this time frame if any questions arose Millie was instrumental in contacting the proper individual or home owners association to get us the correct answer. Would we use Millie and Carlos again. The answer is Yes!!!!!
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Fredrick

Carlos and Millie... Find us a house we did ask. They were more than up to the task. Two years in the making. A house we have taken. Now we live in St. Lucie West. Cause they are the best. Enough said, but truly they were the only brokers willing to work with us for the 20 months it took us from starting to look for a house until we were ready to buy. No question went unanswered and all were answered swiftly and professionally. Most importantly they were always there to calm the nerves that go along with selling a house in one state and buying in another. Do we need to say that we would give them a glowing recommendation? There is no doubt about that.
~ Mr. & Mrs. S. Lotto

We love our house and are in the middle of enjoying our new social life. Funny story getting friendly with couple across the street. She told me I am living in HER house. They saw it # weeks before we bought. They came the week later and the following week to buy it. In the mean while, we bought I knew it would be sold because it is special. I was very lucky thanks to you!
~ Mr. & Mrs. N. Dembo

My husband had heard of Cascades many years ago but had never been there. I went on the website and found Millie & Carlos' ad. I'm so glad I did! After we looked at the first house, they knew exactly what we were looking for and didn't show us houses that we would not be interested in. We came one more time and put a bid on a house immediately. They were constantly only a phone call away and even when my son came to visit prior to closing, they took us around to show our son. Even after closing, they were extremely helpful with recommendations as to screen companies, gutter companies, flooring, maintenance, etc. They know everyone around and who could meet our needs the best. Millie & Carlos Gil are the utmost professionals who won't waste your time but will end up as faithful friends!
~ Mr. & Mrs. H. Brown

I purchased my first home through bold real estate group this past fall. I couldn't ask for a better person to help make the process smooth efficient and stress free than Millie. Millie and Carlos are very hard working and have a lot of experience. I would recommend Bold Real Estate Group to anyone looking to purchase a home in Florida. I couldn't ask for a better realtor.
~ Mr. M. Decker

I found Bold Real Estate a few years ago when I, single woman, had moved to Florida from the northeast and was temporarily living with my daughter and her family. I started looking on line at properties and narrowed my search down to some listings that Bold Real Estate had listed. Carlos and Millie had lined up some properties that met my financial and personal needs. I found a house and they coached me on my offer and it was accepted. All the details pertaining to the closing were handled in a very thorough and professional manner. I can't thank them enough the way everything went and six years later, when I was moving to the west coast of Florida, I called on them to sell my home. Again, everything was handled thoroughly and professionally. Perfect closing! I would definitely recommend Carlos and Millie from Bold Realty when you are taking an important step in purchasing/selling your home.
~ Mrs. K. Schmitt

From the moment we drove into Vitalia we were met by Millie and Carlos.   It turned out to be the best day of our lives.  We had been looking for a few months for a home in a 55 plus community.  They escorted us around Vitalia and by the end of the tour we were in the sales office to begin the transaction for our new home.  Millie and Carlos got us through this most overwhelming transition.  With their recommendations we furnished our home immediately following the closing.  They were there all the way for guidance.  They are there for us whenever we need them and we are so grateful for that. Their knowledge and expertise far exceeds in real estate far exceeds those of others.  We couldn't be happier since Millie and Carlos came into our lives.
~ Mr. & Mrs. S. Benis

Millie and Carlos were there with us from the initial visit through the closing on our home, offering good information to help us make the right decisions for us. They were always just a telephone call or email away to answer questions and offer suggestions. We could not have had a better experience with their assistance.
~ Mr. & Mrs. J. Fodi

Carlos’s knowledge of the business and professionalism was outstanding. The energy, dedication, and personal assistance given to us, was much more than anyone could have asked for. The positive attitude he continuously shared with us was very comforting.
~ Mr. & Mrs. S. Cohen

I found Bold Real Estate Group on the internet looking for homes in Port St Lucie while living in New York. The website was easy to use and informative. We started communicating by e-mail and I found this group to be open and honest. They always replied quickly to my questions and sent me many helpful tools such as maps and area information, to make my transition go more smoothly. Their team of professionals were helpful, kind and very knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend Bold Real Estate Group to anyone relocating.
~ Ms. L. Goodin

We contacted Carlos because we kept getting information in the mail about Bold Real Estate Group. An agent made time to meet with us and put a sign in the yard the day we contacted the office. They were very helpful in staging our property and suggested minor improvements that would make a major difference in the sale of our home in Palm City. Their marketing skills are remarkable; they stayed on top of things and called regularly to make sure we were happy with how things were going. Within 6 weeks our home was sold. Thank you so much Carlos; you were a joy to work with!
~ Mr. & Mrs. M. Ferreira

Buying and selling a property is a complicated these days. Successfully doing so from a distance of 7,500 miles - one that I owe to Carlos & Millie Gil of Bold Real Estate Group. I feel enormous gratitude to Carlos & Millie at the end of a three month period that led to the acquisition of a magnificent home in Stuart for my family of five. We have sold and bought houses before, and this was our eighth and hopefully final real estate transaction. Carlos & Millie took the time to fully understand our situation, aspirations, and practical parameters. There was never a question or concern that they did not address promptly and in detail. Exceeding their obligations as Realtors, Carlos extended thoughtful advice, objective information, and guidance that helped us greatly in our decisions. Carlos & Millie are the ultimate professional and the most caring person anyone could deal with. Carlos & Millie know their work inside out and bring honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of fairness - qualities not often associated with all real estate transactions. I feel grateful and privileged to have had Carlos & Millie as our Realtors.
~ Dr. & Mrs. G. Schmidt

What we liked most about working with Bold Real Estate Group is the fact that they didn't quit being our Realtors the day we closed in Cascades community St Lucie West. They have continued working with us to make sure everything has been okay. Their interest in us was sincere and moved past the realtor-client level. They continued to offer help in any way they could by providing us with more than just another client. Bold Real Estate Group lives up to the theme of 'Making Clients for Life.'
~ Mr. & Mrs. R. Hatcher

Carlos and Millie you not only care about others, you reach out to help them, too. You make a difference and that's a great thing. Thank you for all that both of you have done to make our transition into our new home in Florida a smooth one. But most of all, thank you for your friendship. This was a long distance transaction which made things more difficult, but Carlos Gil and his team were very efficient and professional-an all around great job.
~ Dr. W.C. Beyer

Carlos & Millie, thank you so much. You guys have been great throughout this whole process, and made very easy for us. God bless, and hope to see you soon.
~ Mr. & Mrs. G. Gonzales

It is very refreshing to deal with Millie, a Realtor who goes above and beyond to do such a good job for their client. It really makes my job easier.
~ Mrs. T. Perkins

Carlos thanks so much for everything. You are the consummate professional. It will be my pleasure to recommend Bold Real Estate Group to those interested in enjoying a hassle-free, educational, and relaxed real estate experience in Florida. Should we ever consider moving from our new home in Palm City, it would be without hesitation to once again ask you to represent us. Unlike so many Realtors these days, you actually answer and return your phone calls and emails. Your primary concern is not necessarily closing “any” deal, but the “best” one for your clients. Again, I want to share with you how grateful we are.
~ Dr. J. Grant

Carlos Gil recently acted as our real estate agent in purchasing a property in Port St Lucie, Florida Carlos gave us excellent real estate advice and always acted in our best interest. He organized all aspects of the transaction. We are very happy with Carlos’s performance and highly recommend him to others seeking a superb agent.
~ Mr. H. Krause

Millie's knowledge and expertise of our ever changing real estate market helps her stay focused on her clients needs. Whether she is working with a buyer looking for a new home or a homeowner that wants to list their home for sale, her clients interests always come first.
~ Ellen Falk, Mortgage Loan Officer at Seacoast Bank

Millie and Carlos Gil provide community tours for HCA while the physicians are in the area for our interviews. They are accommodating of our CEO’s schedules and have great knowledge of the area, not just in the area of real estate but also community resources, area schools etc… We rely on them without disappointment time after time.
~ Leiane Bellmore, Recruitment Specialist HCA Healthcare

Millie is the consumate professional and you will be in good hands with her for your real estate needs.
~Sandra Lackas, Independent Real Estate Professional